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Estimated Lead Time For New Orders

~3-6 weeks*

Last updated: Wednesday 29th of March 2023 12:39:23 PM

Our schedule is backlogged due to the pandemic coupled with extreme demand from orders this summer. This has resulted in labor shortages and shipment delays. We are doing everything we can to keep our people safe while continuing to operate at max capacity.

The quoted lead time throughout the web page is an estimated production time of current orders that have recently been shipped. Production times can not be guaranteed as the workload varies from day to day. We do our best to provide the fastest product without sacrificing quality control.

If you will going through the permit process, please keep in mind that these estimated delivery times will not start until after the permit has been approved.

*Please note that holidays will add to the estimated lead time listed above (i.e. we are closed on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years Day)

Please call 209-200-8498 if you have any questions about our estimated lead time for new orders.

3-6 weeks Estimated Lead time

Have your metal building, carport, garage or RV cover installed in 3-6 weeks or less.*

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