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For Carports, Garages and RV Covers

Yes, the ground needs to be level or else the unit will be installed on land "AS IS". A slope greater than 3% is considered "NOT LEVEL."Our installers will NOT do any ground work to the land, so any ground work needed must be done before the date of installation. If the land isn't leveled it will be up to you "The Customer" to fill in any gaps left in the bottom of the base rail.

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Not necessarily, we can install metal buildings, carports and garages on dirt and asphalt as well. We do not do any foundation work. Give us a call at 209-200-8498 for recommendations and help with foundation questions.

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The perimeter of the concrete slab has to be a "footing" (12" wide x 12" thick) and in the center of the slab, the minimum thickness required is 4" inches. The 12"x12" footing is required to prevent the slab from chipping/cracking when anchoring the unit.

The concrete slab size is required to be the exact size size of your metal building. For example, if your unit is a 14' wide x 23' long then your slab has to be 14' wide x 23" long.

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10-12 weeks Lead time

Have your metal building, carport, garage or RV cover installed in 10-12 weeks or less.

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