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For Carports, Garages and RV Covers

Colors are available for four building components: top/roof, sides & ends/body, roof trim and body trim. There are 13 metal building colors to choose from and they can be seen on our metal building colors page.

Metal Building Colors

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R15 Reflective Insulation/Vapor Barrier

  1. Reflective Insulation (R-V 15.67)
  2. ICC-ES Recognized and energy star qualified
  3. More tear resistant than foam interior
  4. Works in temperatures as extreme - 20 Degrees Celsius and as high as 80 degrees Celsius, if an airspace is added it can go up to 300 degrees Celsius
  5. No Asbestos

In simple terms, R-value is a measure of how well a barrier, such as a layer of insulation, resists the conductive flow of heat. The R-value of our insulation is 15. Insulation is $2/square foot. We can insulate both the walls and the roof.

Insulation for metal buildings

Insulated roof (with skylights) and insulated walls


3-6 weeks Estimated Lead time

Have your metal building, carport, garage or RV cover installed in 3-6 weeks or less.*

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